Request an estimate

Translations are quoted by word or by 200-word page, regardless of the print size or spacing.

In order for us to expedite your estimate, we suggest that you send your document by e-mail, specifying the language to which it will be translated, the desired delivery date and any additional relevant information.

All other services will be quoted case by case. Below is a description of the procedure for requesting an estimate for any of our services:

  • Fill out the Estimate Request Form and, as appropriate, enclose the document.
  • Architextos will send your estimate as soon as possible, together with the terms and conditions for our services.
  • If the estimate is acceptable for you, please return it signed together with the receipt for either partial payment or payment in full, as specified.
  • Once the payment is made, the project will begin and the turnaround time will start.
  • Architextos delivers the project and the respective invoice on the date and in the form contracted.